How it works:


Step 1

Interlock one of the included elastic bands around one side of the Balmer.

Step 2

Wrap the same band around the cylinder and interlock on the other side of the Balmer.
Tyler P.Truck

I love it. I always carry lip balm in my pocket and the lid comes off and it adjust all the way out and makes a mess. With this device I can keep one in my truck and by bed and know where it is all the time. The lip balm that comes with the holder is great too. All around a great buy! If I was still losing them I’d buy more. Thanks Balmer!

Zach T.Bike

Always at your fingertips. So convenient. I use it constantly. Buy it. You won’t regret it.

Shanna A.Bike

100 degree day on my road bike today, and my Balmer did not melt. Very convenient. Love it!

Laura B.Road Bike

I love this product. I live in a very dry climate and am in constant need of lip balm. I needed one for my car because I continually lose it in between the seats, etc. I placed it above the driver door which is an easy, accessible place. I am going to order another one for my road bike so I will no longer have to fish through my jersey pockets to try to find a balm! Along with being a unique and well-utilized product, the balm itself is really good quality!